Storing your jewellery


When removing necklaces, hold them at one end and gently wipe oils and dust from them, using a jeweller's cloth or other smooth, soft close-woven cloth. And, gently remove any kinks from chains and check them for damage, refasten the clasps to help prevent knots and kinks.

If possible, keep jewellery items in separate compartments or bags. Pieces rubbing together may cause scratches on crystals or polished metal surfaces. When travelling or carrying your jewellery around use soft bags to protect it from knocks and scratches.

Cleaning your jewellery


A mild soap and water solution used with a soft brush effectively cleans most jewellery. Cleaners that contain abrasives (including toothpaste) can damage metals, gemstones & crystals.

Rubbing with a soft jewellery cloth is an effective way to restore the shine and lustre of your jewellery.

Don't use hard objects like toothpicks to clean around pronged settings - doing so may loosen the stone fixings.

You may gently clean your jewellery with cotton buds.

Don't soak pearl strands or other necklaces with knotted strands. Soaking weakens and stretches knotting fibres.



Here at NOUR the metal used on almost all our items are either copper or brass as supposed to base metal which is commonly used. copper is more expensive but it is a better metal for plating, it will last much longer.


We used the latest plating technology called E-plating and clear coating is added to protect the plating against corrosion.


We generally use Swarovski crystal on most of our pieces, we also use CZ (cubic zirconia) as well as semi-precious stones. 

Most pearls are either cultured or freshwater or shell pearl.


All our items are Nickle Free, Led Free, Cadmium Free.

For all our earrings, we only ever use Surgical post, all Hyper allergenic.